I love the terms “Soul” and “Spirit”. They are beautiful, powerful words that touch us at the very deepest levels - tapping our instinctive yearnings for connection and wholeness, and inspiring us to live and grow into our highest purpose with intention, gratitude and integrity.

Like many people, I have often been confused by their similarities and differences.  Which one is which?  When do you use one, or the other?  When do you use one, but definitely not the other?

A search of these two words can bring up least as many questions as answers... and lots of different rabbit holes to check out, if you are so inclined.  Yes, they both have secular and non-secular meanings and implications.  They are very often -although incorrectly- used interchangeably.  And they both serve, often in some very lovely ways, as synonyms for each other in every online dictionary and thesaurus I checked.

Most importantly, “Spirit” and “Soul” refer to different aspects of our individual, intangible Self.   They capture the essence and energy of our unique being.  They are an integral part of our core... the timeless “Who I am” within each of us.  And they are inextricably connected to the identity we share with the outside world, through our words and actions, physical presence and personality.

In the wellness community, they are often partnered with other words such as “Body”, “Mind” or “Heart” to acknowledge a holistic approach to services and practices that provide soothing, healing, and integration... resulting in a greater sense of peacefulness, tranquility and ease.

For artists and lovers of all art forms, “Spirit” and “Soul” are synonymous with great depth of feeling and expressive talent that conveys emotion, empathy and personal connection in a unique way.

To believers of virtually all faiths, “Spirit” and “Soul” bring an even greater level of complexity, defining the life energy of one’s existence and/or the non-corporeal self that may or may not exist after death. To many, the qualities of “Spirit” and “Soul” apply beyond the boundaries of humanity, encompassing all living creatures, and even elements of nature.

What do “Spirit” and “Soul” mean to you?

Here, “Spirit” will reference indivdual energy and “Soul” will reference individual being.  I hope to keep it that simple and broad, leaving room for you to determine your own boundaries for each.

I also hope you will allow yourself some time to reflect on them for yourself, so that even if you already have a sense of clarity about their similarities and differences... you can begin to apply them to yourself and in your own life.

That is really the purpose of this site, to create a space for quiet thought and reflection about Soul and Spirit in your own life.  I am so glad to have you join me on this path we all travel together!